S o I’ve been sitting on a few BigBlue themes for awhile now but just never really had time to properly post them – time to change that. Work on these themes have been on and off for the last few months and now I think I’m finally happy with their current state (I’m a stickler for changing stuff). If you don’t know BigBlue, I’ve posted a few times about it but, long story short, these are some themes that I’ve developed for the small frontend, mainly for my own use. Download links are below each picture.

  • To install each theme, simply extract them to your ‘themes’ folder in your BigBlue directory
  • If there is a fonts subfolder in theme, right click all the fonts > Install. This is required for each theme.
  • Each theme has a few different types:
    • By default all themes support HD, 1920×1080 resolutions.
    • Themes that have CRT in the name are made for low resolution displays, mainly 640×480.
    • Themes that have TATE in the name are designed for vertical setups, mainly 480×640.


Supported Resolutions: HD, CRT

This theme is based off FlatBlue, which was packaged with the frontend (which I think is also inspired by an AttractMode theme). This was the first theme I made for my AstroCity and as you can tell from the name, it takes FlatBlue and gives it a fresh coat of paint, based on the Candy Cab its inspired by.

I had to really squeeze a lot in here, mainly in the CRT version of this one. The regular one has plenty of space for text.



Supported Resolutions: HD, CRT, TATE

After making AstroFlatCity, I wanted to make a theme that wasn’t tied down by how long a game title is and I wanted to keep it sleek. Tasteful fonts, colours that pop and fullscreen previews. I really like how this one turned out.

To make the screenshots or title screens appear centre, I had to sacrifice some space on the left for the black fade, and then slightly indent the horizontal position.



Supported Resolutions: HD, CRT, TATE

My take on a XMB style inspired theme. I originally wanted to put the main previews in the middle of the screen but then realised you’d see nothing. I wanted to showcase more title screens so this was the result of that.

I tried to make the game list work horizontal instead of the usually vertical, but there was a strange bug in BigBlue which would just constantly think its still vertical.



Chad is someone who wishes arcades were still around. This also happens to be his site where he rambles on and on about games and emulation. He can also cook a mean cheese toastie.

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