How to set up DEMUL properly: Part 1

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Using DEMUL to emulate arcade systems is an absolute mess. Emulation of the games work perfectly fine, but just basic documentation of how to get it running is extremely lacking. A lot of tutorials out there don’t properly explain jack all. This guide will explain everything you need to know about DEMUL, NAOMI and how to actually get the damn thing working.

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Big Blue Theme: Third Strike

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Big Blue being a small front-end in terms of usage and coverage, there is pretty much no one making themes. So I decided to get my hands dirty and give it a crack. BB’s themes are based on XML, and despite having very very limited options, I’ve managed to come up with a few themes that I’m quite happy with.

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How to skip long game intros in MAME

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Ever had a MAME game that has an that takes ages loading up? You’ll be happy to know that these are entirely skippable. As I was picking out games for my MAME setup, I noticed a handful of titles that just took ages to load and figured, surely there must be a way to skip these. Not we’re not using frame skip or speed up, we’re gonna be using save states – here’s how we do it.

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